To compete in the post-season, all teams must have their rosters verified by their school’s registrar. This means that a school official who works in the registrar’s office must review your roster and confirm that every player on your roster is a current student.


Generating a Roster

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click “Manage Team Activity” under “My Team Manager Account”
  1. Under “Active Teams”, select the team that you want to create a roster for. If you have no teams under “Active Teams”, rollover your team from the previous season. If this is your first year as a team, then select “Add a New Team”.
  1. Click “Manage Team Personnel”
  1. Click “Roster for Registrar”
  1. Before printing, select “Shrink to Fit”. Then, bring the entire document including the cover page to the registrar for verification

Submitting a Roster to USAU

Rosters can be:

  1. Emailed by a school official to [email protected]. The roster MUST include the cover page and signed instructions.
  2. Mailed by a student athlete to the following address:

College Series Roster
USA Ultimate
5285 Delmonico Drive, Suite 370
Colorado Springs, CO

USAU will NOT accept rosters emailed by a student athlete. Appropriate school officials include the following:

  1. Registrar Staff
  2. Recreation/Club Sports Staff
  3. University Athletic Department Staff
  4. Student Org Staff

Turn your rosters in as soon as possible – if you’re on the fence about a split don’t worry about finalising your A/B teams before submitting your rosters to the registrar. USAU will verify player eligibility without respect to team affiliation, but you will need to make the updates on the online rostering system by Monday, March 27, 2023.1 Don’t abuse this – “a deliberate mis-designation of a group of players at an event will be considered a roster violation and may be subject to ramifications”.

Rosters FAQs

When are rosters due?

Rosters must be RECEIVED (not postmarked) by USAU by 5PM MT March 3, 2023

How do I know if USAU received my roster?

Check here. If it hasn’t showed up after a week, shoot your Conference Coordinator (Regional Director if you don’t have one) an email

What Region/Conference am I in?

Check here.

How many people do I need to have on my roster?

Minimum of 10. There is no limit to how many you can add on a college roster

I missed the roster deadline. What do I do?
I missed a player on my roster. What do I do?

  1. II.7.b and III.A.1.d.